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The Right Charter Operator For Me

The right charter operator for me
Questions I should ask
Answers I need to know


How long is the Charter provider in business?

How many clients has he serviced till date?

What aircrafts can he provide?

Does he operate fixed wing or rotor wing machines?

Does he operate domestic or international charters?

Is he certified from the government body- FAA or DGCA as per the country of operation.

How old is the aircraft which has been proposed to you?

Any major refurbishments in the recent past?

Any accident history?

How experienced is the crew?

How many hours of total flying and how many on this aircraft?

Any experience in special operations like mountain landings, long haul over water flights bad weathers etc?

Any policy about crew duty time and flight time?

Is the charter provider audited by a third party organization?

Who maintains the aircrafts? In case of technical hitch in a long haul flight, how will they take care of the problems?

Does the operator have experience doing international charters?

Has all the permissions required for international flying taken care of?

All safety and security measures taken care for international flights.

Will the operator take care of visa  immigration and custom formalities?


Do the pilots, attendants and ground crew receive any ongoing customer service training?

What is the customer satisfaction rating?

In case of queries or complaints – is there a 24 hours call center or assigned person with whom to communicate about the flight.

How soon before the schedule flight will the aircraft is ready at the airport of departure.

What is the status of the aviation insurance- the coverage, the company and if required a copy of the same.

In case of technical snags or bad weather conditions, what alternative arrangement does the charter operator have for your flight?

Any other questions you may want to be answered- is the charter operator willing and available to answer all to your satisfaction.


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