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Blue Book Charter Testimonials

Very Good
This is amazing. It is so simple and nice. Everyone was talking about the Blue book charter and I picked up a copy. It has got everything a charter broker needs to know.
It is so easy to do business now.


I was using another Air Charter guide book.
I switched over to Blue book charter.
It is an excellent resource and easy to read directory of air charter operators.
The website aircharterbluebook.com is comprehensive, easy to navigate and is an excellent guide with information on aircharter operators in the united states, Europe, middle east and Asia. The website also has good information on airports and their locations.
Life is easy after Blue book charters.
I love it.
Thanks to the people behind Blue book charters.
Glenn J

I was waiting at a corporate office at London and I saw this attractive book at the desk.
This was my first introduction to Blue Book Charters. I made a note of the telephone and web url on my PDA and asked for a copy of the Blue book charter on my return home.
 I have placed a copy of the Blue book charter at my office and everyone loves it.
The contact details are easy to find and the website is excellent.
Sumit Chaudhary


I hate the guys who made the Blue Book charters – a comprehensive guide to Aircraft charters worldwide.
Why did it take so long to get it to us.
I wish the team of Blue Book charters all the best and look forward to a better copy of the new edition.


Dear Blue book team.

On our telephonic talk,  our company placed this one page advertisement in the Blue book charter, it was economical and I was frankly not convinced at the time of placing the advertisement, but then we had a whole lot of enquiries from the part of world from where we did not have client. The conversion rate to actual business was 10% but I think it was worthwhile.
My thanks to Blue Book charter, the relation has just started.


I have started using the Blue Book charter and I am highly impressed. Thank you.



I thank Blue Book charters for saving the life of my friend who had an accident in Switzerland during skiing and I went to the site to look up for an air ambulance service which would provide the service to bring back my friend home. It was so easy to find and the options were great. It was possible to do the evacuation at a economical cost in the most professional and caring manner.


Just dropped in to say hello and congrats – the Blue book is excellent.
Keep up the good work.

Congragulations to the team of Blue book charters.

The book is nice and attractive, the information great. I saw it at the tradeshow.
Wishing you all the best.

I saw the book during my Mediterranean cruise and I noted the website address. Nice work. It may be useful in the future during one of my holidays in Europe.

I am a cargo operator and I must appreciate that the Blue book charters is an excellent book- very informative and a must for all air charter related business personnel.

Mr Singh.

Good reading during my spa holiday at the ranch.
I am a avid reader but not a aviation person. I travel by commercial aircraft occasional. But this book I found at this holiday hotel was interesting. I dream that one day I would charter a jet and fly to India with my hubby.
God - there are so many companies having private jets- I did not know!


The Blue book charter is excellent. I think they can make the website even better.
Wishing the best,



Very Useful. Like it.
Good work- guys.

Suggest get us an aviation magazine. I know you can do it!
I love pictures of aircrafts.
Love Leela.

Wow! I love it.



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