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Who Reads The Blue Book Charter

Who reads Blue book charters.

Charter operators/ Charter brokers

Jetowners, Pilots, Charter passengers, Pilots

Corporates – Fortune 500 companies, Forbes list of companies, Hoover list of companies, their CEOs, CFO s, COO s, Executives, Travel planners.

Aviation and Air Ambulance related Conferences and trade shows.

Luxury travel agents, Tour operators, Sport team travel planners

Luxury hotels, Cruises, Spas, Casinos and Exclusive clubs

Airports, Airport managers, Airport key personnel, FBOs

Celebrities, VIP travelers, Politicians, High Networth Individuals.

Foreign Embassies

Air Ambulance companies/ Hospitals/Medical tourism companies

Insurance companies

Air Cargo operators/Freight charterers/Logistic providers.

Area of distribution- Worldwide

United states, Canada, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe, Middle east, Africa, Asia Pacific.



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